What’s new across Azure Governance services, Microsoft Build 2024

What’s new across Azure Governance services, Microsoft Build 2024

Azure Governance Services have been undergoing exciting developments, with exciting new releases available in the past six months, aimed at providing increased speed and control for efficient management of your Azure environment. The new features include highly anticipated policy options both in public preview and generally available. Other highlights include Azure Resource Graph Copilot capabilities which have seen considerable enhancements. By using natural language prompts to run queries, the feature is tailored to reduce the amount of expertise required to run queries. More so, new preview for ARG enhanced support for LIST/GET calls will soon be introduced. Also, Azure Policy functionality has been enhanced regarding Selectors and Overrides, for safer rollout of policy assignments. A new SSH Posture Control for several Linux management scenarios is generally available. Coming soon is a built-in policy versioning and resource capabilities, part of the new rollout changes allowing more effective management of upgrade built-in policies on-demand. Finally, the public preview for new Change Analysis Portal Experience powered by Azure Resource Graph can now help view all your resource changes. Stay connected @AzureGovernance for more interesting updates and releases.

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Azure Governance and Management Blog articles

Azure Governance and Management Blog articles

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