Everything you need to know about Azure Policy

Everything you need to know about Azure Policy

In this informative episode, Michael, Sarah, Gladys, and Mark chat with Liz Kim about all things Azure Policy. Liz shares her expert insights on the inner workings of Azure Policy, as well as best practices for optimizing Policy deployment. Additionally, she provides a sneak peek of some upcoming features. The episode also covers several other topics, such as App Service and Azure Functions, Confidential Compute VMs, Azure Bastion, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, AKS, ExpressRoute, and more. Whether you're new to Azure Policy or looking to deepen your understanding, this podcast episode is a wealth of valuable information.

You can listen to the full episode on Spotify.

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The Azure Security Podcast
The Azure Security Podcast

A twice-monthly podcast dedicated to all things relating to Security, Privacy, Compliance and Reliability on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Hosted by Microsoft security experts, Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos. https://azsecuritypodcast.net/ ©2020-2021 Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriquez, and Mark Simos.

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