Episode 494 - Inside Azure Resource Manager

Episode 494 - Inside Azure Resource Manager

This podcast episode dives into the importance of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and how it is utilized in Azure for effective deployment and management of workloads. Vlad Joanovic shares insights on the significance of ARM in Azure, highlights the investments made in its performance and reliability, and provides tips for effective use of it to deploy and manage workloads. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of ARM and how it supports data management and communication in the Azure ecosystem.

The episode also includes links to several updates in Azure, including public previews for enhanced replication and sensitive data protection, and retirement announcements for some services. Visit the links provided in the post for more details on these updates.

Overall, this episode provides valuable information for those looking to optimize their use of Azure resources, particularly ARM, to effectively manage and communicate data-driven workloads.

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