Episode 316 – Azure DevOps or GitHub?

Episode 316 – Azure DevOps or GitHub?

On Episode 316, Ben and Scott discuss recent hacks and their impact, including the Rackspace ransomware attack, LastPass, and CircleCI. They then dive into the topic of the day - Azure DevOps vs. GitHub - and explore which tool is best suited for different tasks. As they examine the pros and cons of each platform, they offer insights and recommendations for leveraging them to their full potential.

For those seeking to support the show, membership options are available. The episode also includes links to relevant resources and articles, including documentation on Azure DevOps and GitHub as well as Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub and its new unlimited free private repositories offering.

Intelligink, a sponsor of the podcast, is highlighted for its work in empowering businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging Microsoft cloud technologies to drive innovation and growth.

Listen to Episode 316 to learn more about these topics and how they can impact your development workflow.

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