Microsoft Entra Private Access for on-prem users

Microsoft Entra Private Access for on-prem users

The emergence of cloud technology and the hybrid work model has brought along new network security challenges, as the traditional virtual private network (VPN) model is vulnerable to intrusion from compromised systems or users. To meet these new demands, Gartner predicts that by 2025, at least 70% of new remote access deployments will be served predominantly by zero-trust network access (ZTNA) as opposed to VPN services, up from less than 10% at the end of 2021.

Microsoft Entra Private Access addresses these challenges and forms a part of the Microsoft Security Service Edge (SSE) solution. It securely connects users to private resources and applications, reduces the operational complexity and risk of legacy VPNs, and enhances the security posture of an organization by eliminating excessive access.

With Private Access' granular app segmentation, multifactor authentication (MFA), and privileged access management (PIM), it's easy to implement robust Conditional Access controls, such as MFA, across all private resources and applications. This minimizes the attack surface and ensures that only authorized users can access the private applications and resources they need. Private Access extends MFA to all on-premises resources, even those that lack built-in MFA support, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access and minimize identity-related risks.

The solution allows organizations to segment access to specific applications or resources within their on-premises environment, ensuring that the employee can only interact with the services they’re authorized to access. Despite these added security measures, the employee's user experience remains seamless, with only authentication traffic leaving the corporate network, while the application traffic remains local within it, minimizing latency and ensuring quick, efficient access.

In summary, Microsoft Entra Private Access provides granular access controls on all private applications for any user, on-premises, or remote, while bridging the gap between legacy applications and modern security practices. It elevates network access security to on-premises resources, providing new tools to confidently enable secure access to private apps that use domain controller for authentication and navigate the complex landscape of modern authentication and access controls.

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