Azure WAF integration in Copilot for Security- Protect web applications using Gen AI

Azure WAF integration in Copilot for Security- Protect web applications using Gen AI

The Microsoft Copilot for Security integrates Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) to provide advanced protection to web applications through Gen AI capabilities, which helps security teams understand the WAF detections, blocks by IP, SQL Injection and Cross-site scripting analysis. Here, the WAF Skills enable network security analysts and administrators to analyze the WAF threat landscape while summarizing data and providing contextual insights that help streamline decision-making efforts. Through the Copilot for Security’s natural language prompts, the WAF Skills generate responses that not only save time but also enhance an analyst’s skills to complete their tasks with more efficacy. The article also highlights the key capabilities of each WAF Skill to assist network security professionals further in their investigations. The article emphasizes that Copilot for Security is accessible through a pay-as-you-go consumption model, and after Security Compute Units (SCU) are provisioned, the WAF skills will be available for use. Thus, Azure WAF integration with Copilot for Security is a significant step to empower security teams to move faster, upskill and transition to the age of AI.

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Azure Network Security Blog articles

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