Form OnLoad vs OnDataLoad

Form OnLoad vs OnDataLoad

When it comes to client-side XRM framework, there are two distinct onLoad events that developers should be aware of- OnLoad and OnDataLoad. While these events may seem interchangeable at first glance, they serve different functions and it's important to understand the differences.

According to the XRM client API documentation, OnLoad is executed when the form is loaded, whereas OnDataLoad is triggered when the data of the form is loaded. Previously, OnLoad may have also included the functionality of OnDataLoad, but this is no longer the case.

Developers should take note of these distinctions in order to properly utilize each event and their respective functionalities. Once you have a better understanding of the differences, you'll be on your way to creating more efficient and effective client-side XRM framework solutions.

The post also includes a link to relevant documentation for further reading.

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It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform

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