Single table search option in Dataverse Search

Single table search option in Dataverse Search

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has introduced a new feature called "Dataverse Search," which enables users to search for records across entities and fields through a global search box. And now, they have taken it a step further by introducing the "single table search option," which enables the search to be limited to a single table. This new feature can significantly improve efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for specific records.

If you want to learn more about Dataverse Search and its capabilities, check out our previous blog posts linked in this article. The post also includes a link to Microsoft's recent announcement about this new feature for those who want more information about it.

Overall, this new development is a welcome addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, providing a more streamlined and efficient way to search for records in a quick and easy manner.

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Inogic- Maplytics | Dynamics CRM Add-Ons | Development | Consulting

Inogic- Maplytics | Dynamics CRM Add-Ons | Development | Consulting

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