Announcing live connect for Power BI report integration with OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview)

Announcing live connect for Power BI report integration with OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview)

If you use Power BI and OneDrive or SharePoint (ODSP), then this announcement is worth noting. Last May, Power BI enabled integration with ODSP, allowing users to view reports directly in a document library. However, users were previously limited to viewing only reports with data in import mode. But now, Power BI has introduced "live connect" capability, allowing for the viewing of reports in ODSP with data live connected to a semantic model in the service. This means that users can access and view Power BI reports, with the added benefit of live data that keeps up with real-time changes to the underlying data model. So, for those who want a more seamless and efficient way of viewing reports, this update is definitely something to take advantage of.

Check out the official announcement to learn more about how you can use live connect for Power BI report integration with OneDrive and SharePoint.

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