Microsoft Syntex Image Tagger

Microsoft Syntex Image Tagger

Microsoft Syntex Image Tagger is an AI-based tool that automatically assigns descriptive keywords to images in SharePoint libraries, making them easier to search, sort, filter, and manage. Syntex Image Tagger is not included in the Syntex seat license and is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The rollout of Image Tagger is expected to start in late May and complete by early June for Targeted Release and in early June and complete by late June for Standard Release.

To activate Image Tagger, admins need to set up Syntex Billing by going to Set Up -> Files and Content -> Set up Syntex in the Microsoft Admin center. Once billing is set up, admins can enable Image Tagger in all SharePoint libraries in the tenant or for no libraries. However, it is not available in OneDrive for Business. End users have to enable image tagging for relevant SharePoint libraries, either by turning on the toggle in the Edit Column settings or by enabling the Image Tags column from the Automate Menu. Once enabled, Image Tagger assigns a rich set of descriptive tags to Images uploaded in the library, which can be viewed in the Image Tags column.

Organizations should prepare by adding relevant internal documentation and user training to ensure the successful adoption of Image Tagger.

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