Referencing a file in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio

Referencing a file in GitHub Copilot for Visual Studio

In this blog post, Gwyn Pena-Siguenza demonstrates how to use Github Copilot with Visual Studio to add multiple files to a project in context. In a new project's template, you can have multiple files, including code files, configuration files, and data files. Each class is often located in its own file. Gwyn demonstrates how to use the # shortcut to reference other files, such as configuration files or test data.

Gwyn emphasizes the importance of contextual information and data grounding when using Github Copilot. Copilot may have access to general knowledge about a platform, as well as knowledge of libraries and frameworks, but it does not have access to a user's private code. Providing contextual information enables Copilot to generate code more accurately and quickly. For example, in the example given, Gwyn instructs Copilot on the location of a JSON data file to enable faster test data generation.

For developers looking to further enhance and expedite their development with Github Copilot in Visual Studio, a collection of resources is provided at the end of the blog post, including links to previous blog posts and videos in the series, as well as subscriptions to the Visual Studio YouTube channel and the Visual Studio DevBlog.

The blog post can be accessed at: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-developer-community/referencing-a-file-in-github-copilot-for-visual-studio/ba-p/4132473.

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