Discover Multiple Product Purchases Using DAX in Power BI

Discover Multiple Product Purchases Using DAX  in Power BI

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to gain unique customer insights in Power BI by identifying the number of customers who have made multiple product purchases. While seemingly straightforward, this calculation involves more than meets the eye.

To understand how to work out the number of customers who have made multiple product purchases, we will delve into the technicalities of DAX calculations, which will equip you with the necessary tools to analyze purchasing trends and detect buying patterns among your customers.

To follow along with this tutorial, you can watch the full video at the bottom of the blog post. This tutorial is recommended for anyone looking to utilize the functionalities of Power BI to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' behavior.

So whether you're an analyst or a business owner, this tutorial will help you learn how to use DAX in Power BI to reveal valuable insights that can help you make informed decisions and drive growth.

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