Combo Box Control

Combo Box Control


ComboBox control is an auto-complete dropdown where users are able to search and navigate between options.


For installation follow the link here




Selected value is what user selects; it holds the selected key from the options list

Control Key

This is a required input, and it must be unique if you use the control multiple times in the same screen


This is a JSON field, below is an example

   { "key": "email", "label": "Small", "secondLabel":"4 GB RAM / 2 CPUS / 80 GB SSD Storage"},
   { "key": "sms", "label": "Medium (SMS)", "secondLabel":"8 GB RAM / 4 CPUS / 160 GB SSD Storage" },
   { "key": "push", "label": "Large", "secondLabel":"16 GB RAM / 8 CPUS / 320 GB SSD Storage" }

Display Secondary

This indicates if the combo box should display the option label along with secondary label

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