Announcing new enhancements for Azure VMware Solution

Announcing new enhancements for Azure VMware Solution

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Announcing new enhancements for Azure VMware Solution

I’m writing to you today from VMware Explore in Las Vegas, where my team and I are excited to meet with customers and partners in person! Most organizations recognize that by running workloads in the cloud, they can achieve more resilience and security while setting themselves up for agility and innovation to meet any business challenge or opportunity. Azure VMware Solution allows customers to migrate to the cloud more quickly, leveraging existing skillsets and little need for refactoring.


We’ve become 100 percent based in Azure in three and a half years, gaining a modern technology footprint and performance improvements using Azure VMware Solution and a modern application stack.”  Doug Caldwell, Vice President of IT Infrastructure Home Trust Company


“When we got these applications over and employees could see the ease of use and access and how we can scale it up and down, everyone started clamoring to get their application into Azure VMware Solution or Azure data.“ Torri Martin: Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority


Check out what’s new in Azure VMware Solution


Today I am excited to share some of the recent updates we’ve made to Azure VMware Solution.


  • Azure VMware Solution is now in 30 regions. Since the launch of Azure VMware Solution three years ago, we’ve been working to support customers globally with geographic expansion and I am pleased to report that it is now available in 30 Azure regions, more than any other cloud provider. Check out the Azure products by region web page to find a region near you.




  • Azure VMware Solution AV64 node size iscoming in October 2023, with early access available now in limited regions. The AV64 node is built on Intel Xeon Platinum 8370C CPUs with a total of 64 physical cores, 1 TB of memory and 19.2 TB of total storage. AV64 can be used for extending existing Azure VMware Solution private clouds built on AV36 or AV36P node size. Check with your sales representative for early access opportunities.
  • Pure Cloud Block Store for Azure VMware Solution is now in public preview. Now customers can use Pure Cloud Block Store from Pure Storage to scale compute and storage independently for storage heavy workloads. With Pure Cloud Block Store, customers can right size their storage and achieve sizeable savings in the process. Learn more
  • Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere has a new refresh for the public preview. Now customers can start their onboarding with Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere, install agents at-scale, and enable Azure management, observability, and security solutions, while benefitting from the existing lifecycle management capabilities. Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere VMs will now show up alongside other Azure Arc-enabled servers under ‘Machines’ view in the Azure portal Learn more
  • VMware Cloud Director service for Azure VMware Solution is now available for enterprise.  VMware Cloud Director service provides a multi-cloud control plane for managing multi-tenancy on infrastructure ranging from on-premises customer data centers, managed service provider facilities, and in the cloud. Learn more
  • Stretched Clusters for Azure VMware Solution is now available and provides 99.99 percent uptime for mission critical applications that require the highest availability. In times of availability zone failure, your virtual machines (VMs) and applications automatically failover to an unaffected availability zone with no application impact. Learn more
  • Azure VMware Solution Well-Architected Assessment Tool is now available. Based on the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, the assessment tool methodically checks how your workloads align with best practices for resiliency, security, efficiency, and cost optimization. Learn more
  • Customer-Managed Keys for Azure VMware Solution is now available, supporting higher security for customers’ mission-critical workloads and providing control over your encrypted vSAN data on Azure VMware Solution. Learn more
  • Azure VMware Solution in Azure Government is now available in Virginia and Arizona, with the FedRAMP HIGH accreditation pending JAB approval estimated in Q4 2023. Learn more
  • VMware Cloud Universal now includes Azure VMware Solution. Learn more

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest releases from Azure VMware Solution, please follow Azure updates.


Learn more

This week we are offering a special opportunity to take the Azure VMware Solution Cloud Skills Challenge. Compete in this free, self-paced, Microsoft learning path and advance your technical skills at the same time! Register for the Challenge.


As always, you can visit the Azure VMware Solution website or documentation for more information.

And if you are here at VMware Explore, stop by Microsoft booth #403 and say hello. We are excited to see you in person!


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