Azure VMware Solution Advanced Monitoring

Azure VMware Solution Advanced Monitoring

The available Azure VMware Solution metrics in the Azure portal contain a standard monitoring library. For customers that require an advanced and comprehensive set of metrics from the VMware vSphere and NSX-T Data Center components of their Azure VMware Solution, this Advanced Monitoring Telegraf plug-in can be used. This provides operational simplicity for our customers using the Azure VMware Solution, removing the need for additional third-party solutions when access to advanced metrics is a customer requirement.


This solution add-on deploys a virtual machine running Telegraf in Azure with a managed identity that has contributor and metrics publisher access to the Azure VMware Solution private cloud object. Telegraf then connects to vCenter Server and NSX-T Manager via API and provides responses to API metric requests from the Azure portal.



Figure 1 – Azure VMware Solution Advanced Monitoring with Telegraf


This solution add-on has an ARM Template that can be used to quickly deploy the necessary Telegraf Azure Virtual Machine and necessary configuration, or it can be manually deployed by an Azure administrator.



The Azure VMware Solution product group has created this GitHub repository to share prescriptive architectural approaches and tools for customers and partners using the Azure VMware Solution service. This is intended to enhance the value of the Azure VMware Solution service to our customers and partners.


To navigate the Azure VMware Solution GitHub repository, select the solution you are interested in from the Table of Contents in the README.md file to open the project folder. Each project has a descriptive README.md file that describes how to use it.


Azure VMware Solution is a VMware validated first party Azure service from Microsoft that provides private clouds containing VMware vSphere clusters built from dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure. It enables customers to leverage their existing investments in VMware skills and tools, allowing them to focus on developing and running their VMware-based workloads on Azure.


If you are interested in the Azure VMware Solution, please use these resources to learn more about the service:



Author Bios

Kenyon Hensler is a Senior Technical Program Manager in the Azure VMware Solution product group at Microsoft. His background is in system engineering with experience across all facets of the enterprise networking and compute stacks.


René van den Bedem is a Principal Technical Program Manager in the Azure VMware Solution product group at Microsoft. His background is in enterprise architecture with extensive experience across all facets of the enterprise, public cloud & service provider spaces, including digital transformation and the business, enterprise, and technology architecture stacks. In addition to being the first quadruple VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), he is also a Dell Technologies Certified Master Enterprise Architect, a Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) and an NPX Panelist.

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