Intro to Environment Variables in Power Automate

In this video, the concept of environment variables in Power Automate is introduced. The video explains what environment variables are, how you can create them, and how they can be utilized in Power Automate cloud flows. Environment variables are an essential component when it comes to automation, and Power Automate allows users to take advantage of them in creating effective workflows.

The tutorial delves into the creation process of environment variables and how it can be used to store information and pass it between different flows. Viewers will learn how to create, update, and delete environment variables to optimize their workflows for more exceptional performance.

So if you're keen on learning how to make the most of environment variables in Power Automate, this video is an excellent resource to begin. Additionally, the video showcases some of the capabilities that Power Automate brings to the table, highlighting how it can be a game-changer in your automation journey.

Check out the video available in the link to learn more about environment variables in Power Automate.

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Matt Collins-Jones
Matt Collins-Jones

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