Power Apps Checker

Power Apps Checker

If you are looking for code checkers in the Power platform environment, you will find this post on Power Apps Checker useful. The article provides a brief description of various checkers available, including App Checker, Flow Checker, and Solution Checker.

App Checker is designed to check for issues in areas such as formula, runtime, rules, accessibility, and performance. On the other hand, Flow Checker can check for issues in flows, connectors, and gateway connections. Finally, Solution Checker is capable of checking issues based on maker-defined rules.

Overall, this post serves as a useful resource for makers in the Power platform who want to ensure their code functionality is up to standard.

The post Power Apps Checker originally appeared on Girish Uppal | Power Platform Enthusiast.

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Girish Uppal | Power Platform Enthusiast
Girish Uppal | Power Platform Enthusiast

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