Microsoft Edge: Split Screen – Browse faster with side by side tabs

Microsoft Edge: Split Screen – Browse faster with side by side tabs

Microsoft Edge just got an upgrade that will make your browsing experience faster and more productive. The new feature, Split Screen, allows you to open and view two tabs side-by-side in one browser window. This function enables multitasking without losing focus and is designed to make the most out of your screen's real estate.

With the Split Screen feature, you can access it by clicking the toolbar icon or simply selecting "Open link in split window" in the context menu. It's an excellent tool for working on multiple tasks simultaneously or for browsing two related tabs side by side.

The Split Screen feature is now available in the General Availability Release phase and was created on February 15th, 2023. It's available on the web cloud instance worldwide and is part of the Standard Multi-Tenant platform. You can learn more about the Split Screen feature and its availability by checking out the Microsoft 365 roadmap link provided.

Overall, the Split Screen feature promises to help users boost their productivity and multitask more efficiently, making browsing faster and a more enjoyable experience.

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