Power BI has Copilot already? For DAX it does!

In this video, Patrick explores the Copilot feature in Power BI, which allows for more efficient and effective development of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Although Copilot is not yet fully launched for Power BI, Patrick demonstrates an early version of it that is already available, showcasing its potential to enhance the DAX development experience.

The video showcases how Copilot can provide suggestions for DAX code based on natural language inputs, thereby simplifying and speeding up the development process. By leveraging machine learning and other AI technologies, Copilot can suggest entire code blocks and functions based on contextual information, saving users time and reducing errors.

While Copilot for Power BI is not yet widely available, the video gives a sneak peek into the capabilities of this new feature and its potential to revolutionize DAX development within the Power BI environment.

Overall, this video provides an informative and insightful overview of Copilot for Power BI, highlighting its benefits for users and its impact on the DAX development process.

The link to the video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fJq8qessuM

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