Microsoft Viva: New Admin tab interface in Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva: New Admin tab interface in Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva is getting a new interface for the Admin tab in Viva Learning, making it a powerful tool for admins to manage learning requirements for their organization. The new Admin tab will feature a set of capabilities, which will be rolled out on September 16, 2022. This new interface update will not affect the underlying features of the Viva Learning platform.

For those who already use Viva Learning, the appearance of the Admin tab will change, while new admin capabilities will continue to be released going forward. The rollout is set to begin in mid-September and complete by the end of the month.

No preparation is required from organizations, and they can learn more about how to use the features via the Viva Learning documentation. The M365 Admin website has published the announcement, with associated Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 98149.

Overall, this update promises to enhance the Viva Learning platform and streamline administrative tasks within an organization, making it easier for admins to manage learning requirements in a more efficient manner.

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