Microsoft Viva: Viva Learning cards are available for the Viva Connections Dashboard

Microsoft Viva: Viva Learning cards are available for the Viva Connections Dashboard

Microsoft Viva offers an enterprise learning and training experience known as Viva Learning. This solution provides a one-stop-shop for all your organization's learning needs. Viva Connections, on the other hand, provides a customized destination for everyone to discover news, conversations, and the necessary tools to complete everyday tasks. Both of these experiences are accessible via mobile and desktop devices in Microsoft Teams and form part of the Microsoft Viva suite.

From mid-September, users will be able to integrate Viva Learning and Viva Connections experiences with the Viva Learning card on Viva Connections Dashboard, according to a Microsoft 365 Roadmap update. The Viva Learning card will allow users to track their learning assignments on the dashboard. When users engage with the Viva Learning card, they can complete courses within Teams' flow of work. It is important to note that this card will appear in the Viva Connections Dashboard card toolbox, even if your organization does not have a Viva Learning premium license.

Dashboards editors can add this Viva Learning card to the Dashboard toolbox to highlight learning opportunities. Depending on your organization's type of license, the Viva Learning card will display different user views. Premium Viva Learning users who are using assignments will see a learning assignment in the Dashboard card. Meanwhile, non-premium Viva Learning users with no assignments will see the default view in the card.

This is a noteworthy feature as it allows users to engage with Viva Learning courses without having to leave the Teams environment.

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