Power BI Model Documenter - New Updates & Upcoming Features! (with Marc Lelijveld)

In this video, Marc Lelijveld provides updates on the Power BI Model Documenter, an external tool used to document Power BI data models. The tool has been available for almost two years and continues to receive updates and new features. Marc highlights some of the new features that have been added to the tool, including the ability to document SSAS Tabular models and support for custom themes. He also gives a sneak peek into upcoming features like the ability to document Power Query M scripts at the table and column level and the option to export documentation to PDF.

If you are a Power BI user looking to efficiently and effectively document your data models, the Power BI Model Documenter is a useful tool to consider. Keep an eye out for the upcoming features mentioned in this video that will make the process even easier and more comprehensive.

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