Streamlining Shipment Processes: Automatic Re-Allocation | Dynamics 365 Blog

Streamlining Shipment Processes: Automatic Re-Allocation | Dynamics 365 Blog

The introduction of Automatic re-waving is helping to streamline shipment processes by automating the re-allocation of non-allocated shipment lines. Prior to this feature, handling failed shipment lines that needed to be managed manually in the "Maintain shipments" form was a time-consuming process. Warehouse managers would have to manually review and reprocess incomplete shipment lines every time an exception occurred and inventory was not available in a specific picking location, creating a list of incomplete shipments that required manual management.

Now, with the Automatic re-waving feature, warehouse managers can schedule checks for incomplete shipments to be automatically reprocessed and completed, empowering them to be proactive in monitoring and managing shipments. This feature can save significant time and effort, allowing managers to focus on other important tasks and improving overall efficiency in the warehouse.

This feature is a game-changer for warehouse management, and is set to revolutionize how shipments are processed, helping organizations to optimize their supply chain operations, improve customer satisfaction and realize cost savings. To learn more, check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog.

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