Episode 496 - Azure Boost

Episode 496 - Azure Boost

This episode of Azure Boost features a discussion between Cale, Evan, Sujit, Niko Pamboukas, and Siri Velauthapillai about the new Azure Boost function. They unravel the workings of specialized FPGAs and ARM SoCs that provide intense IOPs for storage and networking with near-zero system upgrade downtime. The episode discusses important Azure updates, including the public preview of Azure Load Balancer and Azure Bastion Premium, and Azure Chaos Studio's support for a new Pause Process Fault for Windows Virtual Machines. The resources provided in the post are also useful for delving deeper into Azure Boost, accelerated networking and storage, and Kubernetes metadata and logs filtering public preview.

To listen to the full episode, visit the link shared in this post or follow the YouTube link.

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