Azure Functions: Support for HTTP Streams in Python is now in Preview!

Azure Functions: Support for HTTP Streams in Python is now in Preview!

Azure Functions now supports HTTP streams in Python, which enables you to accept and return data from the HTTP endpoints using FastAPI request and response APIs on your functions. HTTP streaming allows the host to process data in HTTP messages as chunks rather than loading an entire message into memory, making it possible to handle large data streams, OpenAI integrations, dynamic content delivery, and other HTTP scenarios requiring real-time interactions over HTTP. 

To get started with this feature, you need to enable HTTP streaming in your Azure Function app, as well as use the FastAPI package. This article provides a detailed set of instructions to enable HTTP streaming and use the FastAPI extension.

The article also includes multiple code snippets, such as an HTTP triggered function that streams HTTP response data and an HTTP triggered function that receives and processes streaming data from a client in real-time to demonstrate the feature implications for specific use scenarios like event data visualization or continuous data stream processing and handling.

You can only make streaming calls to a function's FastAPI endpoints using an HTTP client library, as the browser you're using might not handle it natively or only return the first chunk of data.

This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to using HTTP streams in Azure Functions for Python. You can refer to the developer's reference guide for more information. 

The article is available here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-compute-blog/azure-functions-support-for-http-streams-in-python-is-now-in/ba-p/4146697

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