Microsoft Fabric Machine Learning Tutorial - Part 2 - Data Validation with Great Expectations

Microsoft Fabric Machine Learning Tutorial - Part 2 - Data Validation with Great Expectations

This tutorial delves into the intricacies of data validation in the realm of Microsoft Fabric and Great Expectations. It demonstrates how a data contract can be established in Microsoft Fabric to set minimum standards for data quality in a pipeline, while also showcasing how bad rows can be elegantly dropped. Through this demo, the use of Fabrics' Teams Pipeline Activity and Great Expectations Python Package to identify validation errors and send messages to data stewards has been highlighted. The tutorial uses the popular Kaggle Titanic data set and includes a deep dive into Notebooks, Pipelines, and the Lakehouse in Fabric engineering experience while adopting Medallion Architecture and DataOps practices. This video is the second in a series of videos that will together create an end-to-end demo of Microsoft Fabric.


  • 00:12 Overview of the architecture
  • 00:36 Focus on processing data to Silver
  • 00:55 Application of DataOps principles to data validation and alerting
  • 02:19 Tour of the artefacts in the Microsoft Fabric workspace
  • 02:56 Open the "Validation Location" notebook and viewing the contents
  • 03:30 Inspect the reference data that is going to be validated by the notebook
  • 05:14 Overview of the key stages in the notebook
  • 05:39 Set up the notebook, using %run to establish utility functions
  • 06:21 Set up a "data contract" using great expectations package
  • 07:45 Load the data from the Bronze area of the lake
  • 08:18 Validate the data by applying the "data contract" to it
  • 08:36 Remove any bad records to create a clean data set
  • 09:04 Write the clean data to the lakehouse in Delta format
  • 09:52 Exit the notebook using mssparkutils to pass back validation results
  • 10:53 Lineage is used to discover the pipeline that triggers it
  • 11:01 Exploring the "Process to Silver" pipeline
  • 11:35 Configuration of an "If Condition" to process the notebook exit value
  • 11:56 Setting up a Teams pipeline activity to notify users
  • 12:51 Populating the title and body of Teams message with dynamic information
  • 13:28 Information about the next episode

Additional videos in this series:

The tutorial is the second in a series of videos that will together create an end-to-end demo of Microsoft Fabric, From Descriptive to Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Fabric. Find out more about the other videos in this sequence through the link below.

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