Copilot Help me create

Copilot Help me create

"Copilot Help me create" is a helpful post that introduces readers to a new way of using Copilot. The process involves two simple steps: giving a prompt to Copilot, which then generates output; and then choosing the desired app to complete the task. This post also includes related videos available in the Copilot playlist. Discover the potential of Copilot in conjunction with Microsoft365, learn this innovative approach and improve your workflow efficiency. To learn more, check out the original post at https://efficiency365.com/2024/05/14/copilot-help-me-create/.

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Efficiency 365 - by Dr Nitin Paranjape - Work Smarter, Grow Faster
Efficiency 365 - by Dr Nitin Paranjape - Work Smarter, Grow Faster

Efficiency 365 - Get more done with less effort. Learn from the Efficiency Guru, Dr Nitin Paranjape. Work Smarter.

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