Power Automate Copilot Preview

Microsoft has recently announced the preview release of Power Automate Copilot- a new low-code development feature available in Power Automate. This AI-based feature assists users in designing automated workflows in an efficient and intuitive manner.

With Power Automate Copilot, users can now leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities to streamline their workflow design process without sacrificing control over their automation flows. The tool provides users with suggestions based on real-world experience from the global Power Automate community. It is designed to help users increase productivity, optimize workflows, and reduce errors.

The release of Power Automate Copilot marks a significant milestone in the evolution of low-code/no-code platforms, as it empowers everyday users with AI-assisted automation functionality previously accessible only to seasoned developers. If you're interested in exploring this exciting new development feature, check out the tutorial from the official Microsoft Power Platform YouTube channel linked below.

Link to the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q42gK3x0_o

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Daniel Christian
Daniel Christian

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