A completely hidden navbar relationship? Where did that come from?

A completely hidden navbar relationship? Where did that come from?

In the world of Power Platform, there are always new discoveries to be made. Recently, the author stumbled upon a hidden relationship between a completely hidden navbar and the platform's standard and enhanced data models. Their solution was developed on an environment that incorporated this hidden aspect, which they believe is related to Power Platform's hidden features.

This highlights the fact that there's much about the platform that remains unknown, yet can greatly impact the development process. The author speculates that this discovery might have broader implications within the Power Platform ecosystem, potentially unlocking new possibilities or introducing new considerations.

Overall, this serves as a reminder that while we may think we understand the ins and outs of Power Platform, there's always room for surprises and new discoveries that can expand our knowledge and enhance our capabilities.

To read more about the author's discovery and the potential impact it could have on Power Platform development, check out the full post.

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It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform
It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform

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