Microsoft Entra: Top content creators to follow

Microsoft Entra: Top content creators to follow

You’re probably familiar with Microsoft Entra documentation and What's new / Release notes for Entra ID. And perhaps you’ve also explored training for Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Certification for identity and access management, or Microsoft Security on YouTube. 


Beyond these official channels, an incredible community of talented identity practitioners and passionate Microsoft employees are also sharing their knowledge so that you can get the most from Microsoft Entra. I hope you’ll review the list and comment if I missed any other good ones! 


Links below are to external sites and do not represent the opinions of Microsoft. 


AdminDroid Blog 



The various blog authors at AdminDroid claim, “We love to solve IT administrators’ challenges.” The blog focuses on Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Entra. Helpful posts illuminate hot topics like Move Users to Microsoft Authenticator, How to set up Microsoft Entra Internet Access, and Secure Workload Identities Using Continuous Access Evaluation. And their cybersecurity awareness month series of advanced security features for Microsoft 365 is :fire:. 


Andy Malone 

Microsoft Entra videos from Andy Malone 


Microsoft MVP Andy Malone is a well-known technology instructor, consultant, and speaker, and in 2023 was awarded “best YouTube channel” by the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference (ESPC). Last summer’s Goodbye Azure AD, Hello Entra ID was a big hit, and he’s continued the trend with Goodbye VPN! Hello Microsoft Global Secure Access, and Goodbye Passwords! Hello Passkeys. Just to prove his titles don’t all start with “goodbye”, I’ll also recommend Entra ID NEW Guest & External Access Features YOU Need to Know! 


Daniel Bradley 



In 2023, Daniel Bradley was awarded the Microsoft MVP award in the Security category. His blogs focus on programmatic management of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra through PowerShell and Security. 


To sample his content, check out How to create and manage access reviews for group owners, How to force a password change in Microsoft 365 without password reset, or How to Apply Conditional Access to Protected Actions in Microsoft Entra 


Daniel Chronlund 



Daniel Chronlund is a Microsoft Security MVP, Microsoft 365 security expert, and consultant. He writes about cloud security, Zero Trust implementation, Conditional Access, and similar topics, plus shares PowerShell scripts and Conditional Access automation tools. Around here, we’re big fans of passwordless and phishing-resistant multifactor authentication, so we’re especially keen on this post: “Unlocking” the Future: The Power of Passkeys in Online Security.   


Lukas Beren 

Cybersecurity World 


Lukas Beren works at Microsoft as a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at the Detection and Response Team (DART) 


“DART’s mission is to respond to compromises and help our customers become cyber-resilient,” said Lukas. “So I’m quite passionate about cybersecurity, and I regularly use Microsoft Entra ID along with other Microsoft Security tools.” 


Recent blogs include Understanding Primary Refresh Tokens in Microsoft Entra ID, Understanding Entra ID device join types, and Password expiration for Entra ID synchronized accounts. 


John Savill’s Technical Training 

John Savill's Technical Training  


John Savill is a Chief Architect in Customer Support for Microsoft with a hobby of sharing his wealth of knowledge via whiteboarding technical concepts of Microsoft Entra, Azure, DevOps, PowerShell, and more. Recent Microsoft Entra topics include Conditional Access Filters and Templates, Microsoft Entra Internet Access, and Microsoft Entra ID Governance 


When John co-starred in the Microsoft Entra breakout session at Ignite 2023, one commenter proclaimed, “John Savill is the GOAT” (that’s Greatest of All Time, of course, not the farm animal ;)).  


Merrill Fernando 

Entra.News and Merrill on LinkedIn 


Merrill Fernando is part of the Microsoft Entra customer acceleration team, helping complex organizations deploy Entra successfully. Every week he curates Entra.News, a weekly newsletter of links to articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts about Microsoft Entra from around the web.   


“I wanted a way to share the lessons I’ve learned, but I know not everyone has the luxury of reading long posts or detailed docs,” said Merrill. “So I try to break down complex topics into short, easy to understand posts on social media.”  


Merill’s Microsoft Entra mind map is pretty famous in our virtual hallways as the best at-a-glance look at the product line capabilities. He’s also published helpful overviews of managing passwords with Microsoft Entra and How single sign-on works on Macs and iPhones. 


Microsoft Mechanics 

Microsoft Entra on Microsoft Mechanics 


Microsoft Mechanics is Microsoft's official video series for IT Pros, Solution Architects, Developers, and Tech Enthusiasts. Jeremy Chapman and his team host Microsoft engineers who show you how to get the most from the software, service, and hardware they built. Recent Microsoft Entra topics include Security Service Edge (SSE), migrating from Active Directory Federation Services to Microsoft Entra ID, a beginner’s tutorial for Microsoft Entra ID, and automating onboarding and offboarding tasks.     


Thomas Naunheim 



Thomas Naunheim is a Cyber Security Architect in Germany, a Microsoft MVP, and a frequent community speaker on Azure and Microsoft Entra. His recent blog series on Microsoft Entra Workload ID highlights the need for organizations to manage non-human (workload) identities at scale, and offers guidance on deployment, lifecycle management, monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. 


Tony Redmond 



Tony Redmond is the lead author of the legendary Office 365 for IT Pros. His prolific blog includes recent gems How to Update Tenant Corporate Branding for the Entra ID Sign-in Screen with PowerShell, How to Use PowerShell to Retrieve Permissions for Entra ID Apps, and How to Report Expiring Credentials for Entra ID Apps. 


Shehan Perera 



Shehan Perera is a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility who is passionate about modern device management practices, identity and access management, and identity governance. Check out his recent infographic for how to migrate MFA and SSPR policies to the converged authentication methods policy. And his passion for identity governance really shines through in this deep dive to adopting Microsoft Entra ID Governance 


Suryendu Bhattacharyya 



Suryendu Bhattacharyya earned the Microsoft Entra Community Champion badge in 2023 for passion and expertise in his technical knowledge of Microsoft Entra products. Check out his helpful how-to guides, including: Securing Legacy Applications with Entra Private Access and Conditional Access, Deploy Conditional Access Policies for a Zero Trust Architecture Framework, and Keep Your Dynamic Groups Compliant by Microsoft Graph Change Notifications and Azure Event Grid. 


Let us know if this list is helpful – and any sources I missed – in the comments. Thank you! 


Nichole Peterson 



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