Time Travel in Fabric Warehouse: Query Snapshots of the Data at Any Point in Time

Time Travel in Fabric Warehouse: Query Snapshots of the Data at Any Point in Time

Discover the exciting new feature of time travel now available in Fabric Warehouse, allowing you to explore snapshots of data at any point in time. This functionality was previously only possible in Lakehouse but has now expanded, giving users the ability to query data history through time and evaluate trends over time. This tutorial explores the use cases and benefits of this new feature and provides demos to show how to use it in action.

With time travel in Fabric Warehouse, users can view historical data and analyze changes in trends, which is especially useful when identifying patterns or investigating data issues. This feature provides a unique perspective on data and enables users to make more informed, data-driven decisions with this additional context. Whether you're a seasoned data professional or just starting, this resource provides you with the tools and knowledge to utilize Fabric Warehouse to its fullest potential.

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