Microsoft Fabric - Ingesting 5GB into a Bronze Lakehouse using Data Factory

Microsoft Fabric - Ingesting 5GB into a Bronze Lakehouse using Data Factory

Ed Freeman's Microsoft Fabric End-to-End demo series continues with this particular video, showcasing how to use Data Factory to ingest roughly 5GB of data from an unauthenticated HTTP source into OneLake. By doing so, he explores the differences between Tables and Files in a Fabric Lakehouse and previews data in the Lakehouse Explorer. The video provides a walkthrough of the process, including UI layout, copy data activity options, configuration of source and destination, dynamic content for destination Lakehouse filepath, and additional settings. Additionally, alternative parameterized pipelines, pipeline run details, and Lakehouse Files are all covered. If you're interested in learning more about Fabric, check out some of their perspectives and introductory content provided in several related links.

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