Run multiple notebooks in parallel using runMultiple in Microsoft Fabric

Run multiple notebooks in parallel using runMultiple in Microsoft Fabric

The article discusses how you can run multiple notebooks concurrently using the runMultiple feature in Microsoft Fabric. As data scientists work with increasingly large and complex datasets, the time taken to execute scripts and complete tasks is becoming an issue. By running multiple notebooks in parallel, you can reduce the time taken to complete tasks and improve efficiency.

The article provides detailed steps on how to use runMultiple and how it can be used in conjunction with other features of Microsoft Fabric. By following these steps, data scientists can leverage Microsoft Fabric to run multiple notebooks simultaneously, speeding up the development process and reducing the time taken to obtain insights from their data.

If you're an aspiring data scientist or a professional data analyst looking for ways to optimize your workflow, this article provides you with insights and techniques that you can use to improve efficiency and reduce the time taken to perform tasks. The feature discussed in this article is a must-know for anyone working with Microsoft Fabric.

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