Episode 111 – Microsoft Loop

Episode 111 – Microsoft Loop

In this episode, the hosts explore the latest product from Microsoft, Loop. Loop is designed to help teams stay organized and remain in sync with one another. The hosts dive into the features and functionality of Loop and discuss how it can enhance collaboration among teams.

Through an engaging discussion, the podcast illuminates how Loop enables teams to create and share dynamic tables, lists, and documents that can be customized to suit their specific needs. The podcast hosts also discuss the advantages of using Loop over other Microsoft products such as OneNote.

Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Loop, outlining its capabilities and how it can assist with teamwork and streamline collaboration among individuals and teams.

The podcast episode can be accessed through the link provided: https://m365voice.com/episode-111-microsoft-loop/

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Microsoft 365 Voice
Microsoft 365 Voice

M365 Voice is a weekly podcast dedicated to share information with the community about the Microsoft 365 platform that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and EMS. Our podcasts will be 20 minutes each and will cover new features, updates, best practices and other ideas about the platform. We will also host guests from the community and from different Microsoft Product Group members.

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