Episode 315 – Loop makes me loopy

Episode 315 – Loop makes me loopy

In this episode, Ben and Scott dive into the world of Microsoft Loop, exploring its functionalities across different apps such as Teams, Outlook, and Word. Microsoft Loop is a flexible canvas application designed to enhance productivity and collaboration by creating shared workspaces that allow seamless integration of various kinds of content.

The hosts discuss the different components of Loop and ways to use them effectively to enhance workflow. Further, they explore the Loop components in Word for the web and its new feature, the Copy/Paste support for Microsoft Whiteboard, set to debut soon.

To round up the episode, the hosts share insights on their own personal work management methods and the tools they use to manage their work tasks. If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to utilize Microsoft Loop to its fullest potential or searching for ideas for personal task management, this episode is worth listening to.

Don't forget to check out their membership options to support the show. The post Episode 315 - Loop makes me loopy was originally published on Scott's personal blog.

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