How to Calculate Percentage Change in Excel: User Guide

How to Calculate Percentage Change in Excel: User Guide

If you're working with Excel, knowing how to calculate percentage change is a must-have skill. Luckily, it's a straightforward and fast process. All you have to do is use the following formula: Percentage Change = ((New Value – Old Value) / Old Value) * 100. For instance, to calculate the percentage change between two values, you simply need to subtract the old value from the new, then divide by the old value, and multiply by 100 to get the percentage change.

This user guide provides you with all the essential steps you need to master percent change calculations in Excel. Whether you're a novice or experienced Excel user, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to carry out percent change calculations with ease.

So head on over to the post to learn all the tips and tricks to becoming a percent change calculation pro in Excel.

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