Power BI Desktop Update: The Charticulator Visual

Power BI Desktop Update: The Charticulator Visual

Explore how the new Charticulator Visual can help you build custom visuals in Power BI Desktop in this tutorial. The Charticulator is a flexible open-source visual authoring tool, that allows users to build custom fully interactive visualizations without writing a single line of code. This new tool offers a whole new level of creativity and control that can help create better visualizations.

The Charticulator Visual can be customized at every level, be it shapes, sizes, colours, fonts, and even the shape of the lines that join data points. It allows users to design beautiful graphs that represent data in a manner that is most appealing and insightful. The tutorial video available at the bottom of the page provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Charticulator in Power BI Desktop.

This powerful tool gives Business Intelligence professionals, analysts, report builders, and visualization designers, the power to create custom visualizations that stand out from the crowd, and highlights insights in ways the traditional visuals cannot match. Stay ahead with this new Power BI Desktop Charticulator update and leverage it to build engaging and insightful visuals that truly resonate with your audience and help make better data-driven decisions.

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