CollabDays Bremen 2024 – My slides

CollabDays Bremen 2024 – My slides

If you missed CollabDays Bremen 2024, don't worry, because the presenter has made their slides available for you to view. The presentation by the presenter titled "Protect and Govern Your Sensitive Data with Microsoft Purview in Microsoft Teams" is geared towards sharing insights on how to safeguard critical data within Microsft Teams using Microsoft Purview.

The speaker expressed gratitude to the organizers of the event for giving them the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights. They have kindly shared their slides, which you can view through this link.

So, if you missed out on the event, the slides are a fantastic way to catch up on what you missed and expand your knowledge of protecting and controlling your sensitive data securely with Microsoft Purview within Microsoft Teams.

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Jasper Oosterveld - Microsoft MVP
Jasper Oosterveld - Microsoft MVP

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