Looking at historical returns of stocks and bonds with Power BI and Python

Looking at historical returns of stocks and  bonds with Power BI and Python

Curious about how historical returns of stocks and bonds compare? This blog post explores the use of Power BI and Python to visualize and analyze historical returns and dive deeper into the trends over time. By leveraging the power of both tools, you'll be able to explore and gain insights into the performance of stocks and bonds over a given time period.

The post takes you through the process of integrating Python into Power BI to create a histogram of stock and bond returns, explore their distributions and calculate summary statistics. By using Power BI's visualization capabilities, you can easily interact with the data and change parameters to investigate and compare different subsets of data.

Whether you're a financial analyst, economist, or simply curious about historical trends, this blog post provides an insightful approach to analyzing and visualizing data through the use of Power BI and Python.

Check out the full post on jopx.blogspot.com.

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