Field Asset Management Part 7 Costing and Project Roll Ups

This video is part 7 of a 7-part series showcasing the seamless integration of Dynamics 365 Asset Management, Project Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and Field Service. In this particular video, you'll learn about costing and project roll-ups, two crucial aspects of field asset management.

The integration between these four systems allows for efficient and effective management of assets while reducing operational costs and increasing productivity. By streamlining workflows and providing real-time data insights, organizations can make informed business decisions and drive growth.

Costing and project roll-ups are critical components of any field asset management strategy. In this video, you'll learn how Dynamics 365 integrates these functions into its platform, providing a comprehensive solution for managing assets across the entire life cycle.

If you're in the field asset management industry, this series is a must-watch. It provides a detailed look at how Dynamics 365 can revolutionize your operations and help you achieve business success. Check out this video and the rest of the series linked in the description to see the power of integration in action.

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Murray Fife
Murray Fife

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