Field Asset Management Part 4 Planning Item Requirements

This is the fourth video in a series of seven that demonstrates the seamless integration between Dynamics 365 Asset Management, Project Accounting, Supply Chain Management, and Field Service. In this particular video, the focus is on planning item requirements in field asset management.

The integration of these powerful tools enables asset managers and project accountants to work in harmony, ensuring a smooth flow of information between departments. By incorporating supply chain management and field service, organizations can more effectively manage inventory levels, anticipate maintenance needs and optimize labor utilization.

The video takes you step by step through the process of planning and procuring spare parts, while also addressing how to handle item requirements and forecast demand. Additionally, the video highlights how the seamless integration of these tools can improve overall organizational efficiency and collaboration.

Whether you're an asset manager, project accountant or involved in supply chain management or field service, this video series provides valuable insights into leveraging Dynamics 365 Asset Management and other tools to streamline processes and improve your overall performance.

Watch the fourth video now on YouTube.

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Murray Fife
Murray Fife

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