Dynamically Passing Parameters to a SQL Stored Procedure in Excel 365 Using Power Query

Dynamically Passing Parameters to a SQL Stored Procedure in Excel 365 Using Power Query

This post is aimed at users seeking to learn how to pass parameters from Power Query to a SQL Server stored procedure. In the past, many users relied on VBA to achieve this task, but this tutorial shows a more modern and efficient method of achieving the same result with Power Query.

The post provides a step-by-step guide to dynamically passing parameters to a SQL stored procedure using Power Query. This new approach makes it easier to gather data from a database into Excel 365 by streamlining the process of passing parameters.

For anyone looking to reduce the amount of time spent on creating reports or querying data, this tutorial demonstrates how Power Query's simple to learn interface can be leveraged to make this a reality. So give it a try and start passing parameters to your SQL Server stored procedures directly from Power Query in Excel 365!

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