Power pages page rendering

Power pages page rendering

Have you ever wondered how Power Pages rendering works? While not 100% accurate, this article provides a visual representation of the process, along with some helpful caveats.

According to the author, if you create a page template and set it up so that it won't interfere with the "main maximum layout," your template will be used to render individual pages. However, if the template does affect the maximum layout, the platform will use the default template instead.

While this may seem confusing at first, the article breaks it down into clear, easy-to-understand terms. So whether you're a Power Pages novice or an experienced user, this article is sure to shed some light on how rendering works in the platform.

For more information, check out the full article.

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It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform
It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform

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