The Art and Science of Cybersecurity

The Art and Science of Cybersecurity

On this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea, Ann Johnson is joined by Stacy Hughes, Voya Financial's Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer. During the conversation, Stacy delves into her over 20 years of experience leading complex IT initiatives within Fortune 500 financial technology organizations, including her journey to becoming CISO at Voya. In this podcast, they discuss the art and science of cybersecurity, along with advice for CISOs and other security leaders on how to effectively inform, educate, and influence stakeholders. 

This informative piece is a goldmine for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge about cybersecurity. With insights from an industry expert and insider, listeners gain valuable perspectives on the workings of cybersecurity from both scientific and aesthetic viewpoints. This podcast also serves as a platform for CISOs and other security executives to learn invaluable tips on how to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape successfully.

Check out the resources provided, where you can follow Stacy Hughes and Ann Johnson on LinkedIn, and other related podcasts such as Uncovering Hidden Risks and Security Unlocked: CISO Series with Bret Arsenault. All Microsoft podcasts can be discovered and followed at microsoft.com/podcasts.

This podcast episode is produced by Microsoft and is distributed as part of The CyberWire Network's Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson.

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Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson
Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Security, Compliance & Identity at Microsoft, talks with cybersecurity thought leaders and influential industry experts about the trends shaping the cyber landscape and what should be top-of-mind for the C-suite and other key decision makers. Ann and her guests explore the risk and promise of tools and systems powered by AI, IoT, machine learning, and other emerging technology, as well as the impact on how humans work, communicate, consume information, and live in this era of digital transformation. Please note, the opinions expressed by guests on this podcast are their own and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect opinions of, Microsoft or Ann Johnson.

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