Show ‘Create Document’ on Active Quotes only using Power Fx

Show ‘Create Document’ on Active Quotes only using Power Fx

If you're working on a Dynamics 365 Sales implementation and want to learn how to show/hide the 'Create Document' button based on entity status, this post is for you. The specific requirement in this case is to only show the button for active quotes, and the post outlines how to achieve this using Power Fx.

You can use Ribbon Workbench and apply value rules to buttons to hide/show them based on entity status, but in this case, the process is different. The post goes into detail on the steps involved, including understanding the 'OnSelect' property, creating a variable, and using an 'If' statement to conditionally show/hide the button.

If you're looking to streamline your Dynamics 365 Sales implementation and make it more efficient, learning how to effectively use Power Fx can be a game-changer. Check out this post to learn how to tackle this specific requirement and level up your skills.

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