Speaking on Building FAQ Bots in Mins! at Birla College – Mumbai University

Speaking on Building FAQ Bots in Mins! at Birla College – Mumbai University

Recently, Kasam Shaikh had the privilege to present as a speaker at a national webinar organized by Birla College - Mumbai University. The session focused on building FAQ bots in minutes. It was a great honor for Shaikh to impart knowledge and share insights with fellow professionals.

The webinar provided a platform to showcase the power of automated chatbots and how they can revolutionize customer service. Shaikh's session aimed to help attendees understand the key concepts of building FAQ bots and the best practices to follow for creating effective and efficient bots.

Overall, the session was well-received, and attendees appreciated the value it added to their knowledge base. Shaikh felt grateful for the opportunity to speak at such a prestigious event and hopes to keep contributing to the growth of the industry.

You can check out more about Shaikh's experience and insights through the provided link.

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Kasam Shaikh
Kasam Shaikh

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