Modern, refreshed look and feel for model-driven apps on by default

Modern, refreshed look and feel for model-driven apps on by default

If you're a user of model-driven apps, you'll be glad to know that Microsoft has recently rolled out a modern, refreshed look and feel by default for these apps. This means that users can now enjoy a more contemporary experience when using model-driven apps on the Power Platform.

The new modern interface brings a sleeker design, sharper fonts, and a more intuitive user interface to model-driven apps. This means that users can navigate and use these apps more comfortably and easily, which is particularly helpful for those who rely heavily on model-driven apps for their day-to-day tasks.

This update is a positive development for the Power Platform ecosystem, and it reflects Microsoft's commitment to continuous improvement and refinement of their products. Expect to see more enhancements and improvements in the future, as the company works to make its products more user-friendly and accessible for all.

Check out the official blog post to learn more about the new modern look and feel for model-driven apps.

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