Microsoft Graph: SharePoint Pages API

Microsoft Graph: SharePoint Pages API

Microsoft has announced a new Graph API to enable the creation and management of SharePoint pages and news posts. This upgrade is a part of SharePoint's preview release phase which is expected to be fully released in April 2023. The API is available on both desktop and cloud platforms with support for multiple instances, including DoD, GCC, GCC High, and Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant). The API was created on October 15, 2022, and the roadmap ID is 101166. You can learn more about this update by visiting the roadmap link provided below.

To take advantage of this new capability, the Microsoft Graph: SharePoint Pages API is the perfect solution for developers looking to increase their productivity while working with SharePoint. So, if you're looking to create and manage SharePoint pages and news posts, then this new API is definitely worth checking out. For more information, check out the post on M365 Admin.

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