How to share data from within Fabric Tenant with users in another tenant? #microsoftfabric #powerbi

If you're wondering how to share data from one Fabric Tenant to another, this video tutorial is the solution you need. The tutorial delves into the process of sharing data with users in another tenant, focusing on the integration of Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.

While the content of the video is not explicitly stated in the description, the tutorial is expected to provide a comprehensive guide on how to share data across tenants. This process is essential for users who need to collaborate with colleagues in other organizations or permit access to specific data to other stakeholders.

The tutorial is presented in the form of a video, making it easy to follow along and understand the steps involved in the process. By the end of the tutorial, you'll learn how to share data seamlessly and efficiently across tenants, thanks to the integration of Microsoft Fabric and Power BI.

So if you're looking to improve collaboration with external stakeholders or share data across different tenants, this tutorial is an excellent resource.

The link to the tutorial on YouTube is provided in the description.

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