Secure & Reliable Canonical Workloads on Azure | GA Availability

Secure & Reliable Canonical Workloads on Azure | GA Availability

With Azure's partnership with Canonical, the industry standard for patching Linux distributions on the cloud is elevated. The collaboration highlights Azure's dedication to customer security given the ubiquity of Ubuntu images on the platform. The snapshot capability permits uniform updates across virtual machine fleets which makes Azure the first to furnish such a consistent update experience across different regions. For Azure Guest Patching Service users, no action is necessary regarding the enablement of auto-patching. A package is automatically installed and snapped by default to a point-in-time. If snapshots-based updates are not operable, the platform installs the latest update to secure VMs. The integration of this feature with Canonical's snapshot service ensures the same package update is applied across all regions. This capability is currently available for Single Instance VMs and VM Scale Set Flexible Orchestration. By following safe deployment principles, clients of Azure Guest Patching will receive snapshot-based updates across their Canonical workloads. The platform orchestrates updates and syncs them across regions, thereby simplifying the process of keeping customers' assets secure while fostering homogeneity.

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